Bio - cris dewitt

Cris DeWitt is the son of a wildflower artist and brother of a sculptor/painter, but received the engineering DNA from his father.  A multi-decade maritime and offshore cybersecurity expert picked up photography as a 10-year old with an Argus C-3 film camera.  In high school, helped build the darkroom, and as a young explorer (geophysical), worked the North Slop of Alaska - always with a camera and pocket full of film.

As part of a project to build the first purpose-built formula 1 racetrack in America, he documented and published a photo book on the construction of the facillty.

Cris leveraged his experience in commercial settings, job sites, and safety certifications to photograph extreme industrial environments around the globe.  Cris' infatuation with how things work is a primary focus of his body of work.  From clean rooms to hotels to ultra-deepwater oil rigs to the race track, Cris is documenting the built-world in photographs.

Cris is an Energy, Industrial, Architectural and Motorsport photographer, specializing in commercial or hazardous environments .

Contact: Cris DeWitt, +1 512 264-2804,

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